If you are running a business of outbound call center than you might be aware about the term predictive dialer / predictive dialing and / or hosted predictive dialer / dialing. You also might be aware that there are several different types of call center dialers available, all designed to boost you dialing process.

We have Preview Dialer in place, which enables the agent to view the information about the client prior to the call; the number is then dialed automatically after a pre-defined period. This agent is able to view the customer’s details, along with the customer’s past call history, allowing him / the agent to prepare himself / herself accordingly prior to the call.

We also have Progressive Dialer in place, which encompasses the similar productivity to predictive dialing, at the same time removing the risk of abandoned / silent calls. Once the agent is logged in to the system, and has stated that he / she is ready for the call, information about the call is presented to him / her, and the number is then dialed immediately. Progressive dialing is most often used in campaigns addressed to current customers where the objective is to renew or up-sell a product or service.

Finally, we have the most efficient and productive dialing system Predictive Dialer in place. A predictive dialer is by far the most advanced dialing technology, which dials a list of telephone number and connects only the answered call to the agent. It utilizes computerized statistical algorithms, calculates number of logged-in agents, the number of available agents, the number of agents on call, and then regulates its dialing pattern accordingly. At the same time it also screens, and eliminates unproductive calls such as voicemail, no answers, do not call, fax tones, etc. and connects only the live call to the agents. This way it increases the call center’s productivity by up to 72%.

Now the next most important question, Why Your Call Center Needs Predictive Dialer?

Most call center owners are happy with their current dialing infrastructure, whether it is preview, progressive or perhaps any other normal dialer. The reason behind this either they are not aware about the predictive dialer, or its benefits, and in the worst case they believe that predictive dialer is expensive. Yet, this is not the case, as said earlier predictive dialer can increase the call center’s productivity by up to 72% as compare to that of any other dialers. Besides, as said that it filters and screen’s out almost all the unproductive calls such as voice mails, no answers, fax tones, etc. which works as an asset for any call centers, as the agents won’t end up wasting their time in disposing these unproductive calls.


Most call center owners has a common perception that predictive dialing is expensive as compare to that of other dialers. However, this is not a true fact at all. For instance, there are a few professional firms such as redCloud – http://www.redcloudinc.net – who offers state-of-the-art predictive dialer services at affordable rates. Their predictive dialer costs starts with as low as $400 per month for up to 25 agents, along with 1.5 per minute fee billed in 6 second increments, and $1000 one time provisioning fee. Most importantly, you can also have a free Five Day Trial prior opting for their services, which works as a key benefit of their services.