Predictive dialers are intelligent telephone computer systems that make the job of telemarketer easier. The system dials several telephone numbers automatically and waits for live connections before forwarding the call to the available telemarketer, who can talk to the prospect. Call centers mainly use these predictive dialers to make the job of marketing and sales much more efficient.

Predictive dialers are the successor of autodialers. These autodialers would dial through telephone numbers automatically while telemarketers wait to see if there would be any response from the other end of the line. While this reduced the manual dialing time, it did little to streamline the sales process, which predictive dialing systems were later able to do.

Taking a step further than autodialers, predictive dialing systems cut down the manual dialing time as well as the waiting time of the telemarketers. The predictive system makes the calls and then monitors them, instead of the telemarketers. When the system connects to the person, it then automatically transfers the call to the telemarketer.

While working, the dialer can adjust its dialing pattern by gathering statistics. These statistics include the number of connections, average length of each call, what is the best time of calling, and so on. These statistics not only make the predictive dialer work more efficiently, but it also provides useful information to the managers in charge of the campaign.