Predictive dialers are intelligent telephone computer system that makes the job of the call centers easier. They are proven to be the most efficient, and effective dialing solution in the call center industry around the world.

In call centers, people (also referred as agent) dials a list of telephone numbers in order to sell products or services, and / or to provide customer / technical support. In order to achieve this the call centers need to depend upon the dialing infrastructure, which allows them to complete this process at ease. However, when dialing to someone, especially a long list of telephone numbers, there comes a limitations such as voice mails, no answers, busy signals, fax tones, etc. This becomes a much more hurdle, especially when you are into call center industry, as it affects your business’s overall productivity. The hosted predictive dialer proves to be the best solution so far to overcome all these limitations.

Hosted predictive dialer automatically dials a list of telephone numbers, and connects only the live (answered) call to the agent making call. Thereby it eliminates all the unproductive calls such as voicemails, fax tones, busy tones, no answers, etc. Besides, it works on a computerized algorithms, which calculates numerous aspects such as number of logged-in agents, number of available agents, number of agents making calls, average call handling time by each agent, and so on, based on which it regulates the call flow accordingly. Overall, combining both these aspects, it eventually increases the call center’s productivity by up to 72%.

Apart from the above, the hosted predictive dialer also saves a huge amount of money for the call centers, as it requires almost no expensive dialing infrastructure investment behind the servers. This is because they are the hosted services, hence one just need a computer with an internet connection to use the services.

Overall to conclude, hosted predictive dialer certainly proves to be a valuable reckon for almost every call centers.