These days, telemarketing has become crucial for businesses all across the globe in order to promote their marketing and sales efforts. Although, not all the businesses are able to employ such telemarketing strategy successfully since it usually carries high costs of deployment. However, with the improvement in technologies, there are exceptional predictive dialing solutions available in the market these days.

No matter whether the business is large or small, freshly started or well established, web-based predictive dialing solution can certainly enhance the telemarketing efforts with marginal investment. It certainly can take the business to a new high by improving their sales representatives (agents) productivity. Typically based on SaaS (Software as a service) model, hosted or web-based predictive dialer is managed 24×7, throughout the year at the remote, secure server farm. Access to such system is easy and simple with fair internet connectivity.

The primary role of a predictive dialer is to dial a predefine list of telephone numbers automatically, and distribute them among the available agents in the most refined manner with the person at the other end always. This means that the system is able to identify and filter unproductive calls such as fax machine, answering machine, busy tone, no answer, and other similar calls. It addition, with its built-in set of algorithms, it can even detect and filter those telephone numbers that are listed for “Do Not Call” service. With this feature, the business can overcome any legal action or complaint easily.

One of the prominent features of a web-based predictive dialing solution is its ability to make the agents virtual. This means that agents can perform their routine duty of marketing and sale even when they are not physically present at the facility. With web-based dialing system, the agents can login from anywhere around the world and continue with their telemarketing activity. Similarly, floor managers as well as team leaders can also login remotely to manage leads or monitor the progress of the campaign.

Web-based solution is not only productive, but also cost-effective solution, which can eliminate various operating costs such as investment in servers and its maintenance staff, telephone bills, ISDN bills, and so on. With the mechanism to distribute live calls evenly, the productivity of agents’ can increase by up to 75 percent. To summarize, web-based predictive dialer is:

  1. Quick and easy to deploy
  2. Able to eliminates unproductive calls
  3. Able to improve agents’ productivity
  4. Accessible from anywhere
  5. Cost-effective solution