If you own or happen to work in a call center than most likely you are aware about the dialers and their functionalities. In general, there are four major types of dialer available in the market right now. These include:

Preview Dialer: It allows the agents to preview the information of the customer prior to make the call, and let them to decide when to place the call. It also allows the agent to view history of the customer with the call center, which allows the agent to be prepare and make the call to the customer accordingly.

Auto Dialer: Auto dialer or automatic dialer uses a pre-recorded message to a large call list. When the call is answered, either by a human or answering machine, the auto dialer plays the audio file. Automatic dialer can also integrate touch speech command or touch key responses at the end of the message, and then transfer the call to an agent or remove the caller from the call list.

Power Dialer: In power dialer, the dialer places calls only when an agent is available to handle the call, which in turn means that if the agent is not available, the dialer will not place the call. It is ideal for all sorts of campaigns such as customer care follow-ups to telemarketing.

Hosted Predictive Dialer:  Hosted Predictive Dialer or simply known as predictive dialer is a state-of-the-art dialing method which allows to make calls to a large number of customers within a relatively short period of time. It dials a list of telephone numbers and connects only the answered calls to the agents. It works on statistical algorithms and minimize the time the agents spend waiting between the conversations, and at the same time it minimizes the occurrence of calls when no agent is available to answer the call.

Eventually, hosted predictive dialer increases the productivity of any call center as it eliminates all the nuisance calls such as answering machines, no answers, busy tone, etc.  However, if the contact list is poor the performance of the predictive dialing campaign is at risk as agents are not connected to live contacts and are not able to do business.

Advantages of Hosted Predictive Dialer

  • Automatically dials and manages the calls
  • Filters answering machines, unanswered calls, busy tones, etc.
  • Designed to maintain a high level of leads utilization
  • Proves to be cost effective solution
  • Helps to increase business efficiencies
  • Helps to increase business productivity
  • Only the live calls are transferred to the agents
  • Automatically and continuously keeps on adjusting its dialing patterns
  • Dramatically increases the production capacity and reduces the labor waste by upto 72%