It is inevitable to say that call centers or contact centers are among the largest and the fastest growing industry in the world. They are the facility setup by the industries, and enterprises around the world to perform various tasks related to telemarketing, technical and customer supports, sales and marketing, as well as to conduct surveys, and much more.

A contact center is divided into two main segments, i.e., inbound call center, wherein the customer / people dials them, and outbound, wherein the call center dials’ call to the customer. The call centers involved in inbound process, usually provide technical and customer support services, whereas the outbound call centers are generally involved into sales and marketing processes. Yet, whether it is an outbound or inbound, the call centers always depends upon their agents, as well as their dialing infrastructure to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted business process, which leads to profitability.

Most of the outbound call centers, who depends on cheap quality dialing infrastructure, faces productivity and efficiency issues. Wonder why? Let us go through their process a bit, in outbound call centers the agents have to dialer a list of telephone numbers. They either dial it manually or depend on a dialer to make calls. However, both these have limitations as manual dialing is a monotonous job, and auto dialer may lead to server issues. Besides, there are a few more important issues, which limits the overall productivity. These limitations includes but not limited to (a) unproductive calls such as voice mails, fax tones, busy signals, etc., and (b) delays in calls due to poor infrastructure. Most importantly, the call centers always have a large number of call flow, and due to this influx of calls, and its improper distribution, the overall productivity is affected at large.

Hosted Predictive Dialers

Overcoming all the above obstacles faced by the industry, hosted predictive dialers proves to be a valuable reckon. Hosted predictive dialer is an outbound call center dialing infrastructure which dials a list of telephone numbers, and connects the agents only when the call is answered. Unlike the other dialers, it eliminates all the unproductive calls such as voice mails, fax tones, busy signals, and even no answers. Besides, as it works on a computerized algorithm, it calculates several things such as number of logged-in agents, number of agents talking with the customers, number of free agents, average call handling time by each agents, etc. based on which it regulates the call flow accordingly, ensuring that the call center is able to derive the maximum output.

On the other hand apart from the efficiency in operations, hosted predictive dialers also proves to be an affordable solution with pricing as low as USD 125 / agent. Again, unlike the other dialers the call centers need not have to invest heavily on the dialing infrastructures, and servers, as these are the hosted dialers, hence the solutions are based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, wherein special hosting companies provide these services over the internet.

Some of the major benefits of hosted predictive dialers are:

1.  Automates dialing process
2.  Eliminates unproductive calls
3.  Distributes calls evenly to the avail sales representatives
4.  Enable sales representatives to work from anywhere
5.  Eliminates the need to keep local dialing server
6.  Eliminates the costs associated with dialing solution since it is managed by special hosting companies
7.  And much more…