Call center is a facility that uses telephony system for the purpose of transmitting large number of requests. Generally it is deployed by large organizations all over the world for the purpose of increasing their marketing and sales efforts. Organizations deploys contact centers, also to deal with large number of incoming calls. This facility is usually set up for the purpose of providing support or help for the particular organization’s products or services.

Traditionally, both of these centers comprised of workspace, which usually contain ISDN lines, computers, telephones and most importantly tele-calers or agents and support desk executives. Back then, these agents had to manually dial a list of numbers and carry on with the usual marketing strategy. In case of contact center, random executives received calls at irregular interval for help support, overburdening them. This resulted less productivity and high overheads expenses for both call centers and contact centers. A need for a solution was inevitable. This situation gave a birth to two new solutions: predictive dialer and IVR system.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer is computer telephony system that automatically dials a list of predefined telephone numbers. It dials the telephone numbers in such a manner that it screens and eliminates all the unproductive calls such as “do not call” numbers, automatic answering machine, fax tone, busy tone, no signal, etc. The main benefit of this system is that it can automatically dials the telephone numbers. Hence, it reduced the time and efforts of manual dialing and increased the productivity of the agents and ultimately optimized the output of the call centers. Most importantly, it works on a computerized statistical algorithms, which allows it to dial only when the agents are available to take calls, and based on the number of available agents, it regulates the call flow accordingly. Thereby, it increases the productivity of the call centers by up to 72%.

IVR System

On the other hand, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a system that allows the callers to interact with computer system via voice and keypad input and finally redirecting them to the right executive. With the installation of this system, the contact center can now redirect the support seeker to the right department and to the right available executive. This system increased the efficiency of the contact center at the same time made the support system more effective.

Now, with the advancement of technologies, the things have changed drastically. To further make the call centers and contact centers efficient and effective, various specialized companies offers cloud or hosted predictive dialer and IVR systems. Basically, the concept of both these system i.e. predictive dialer and IVR system, remains the same, but now they are hosted over a cloud computing network or in simple terms over the remote data centers via internet. This has proved to be very beneficial to both call centers and contact centers as all the maintenance of the dialer and IVR servers are done by the specialized company. Moreover, these specialized companies have also started to offer competitive prices on both the systems.

Both of these systems have proved that they can increase the productivity and efficiency of the call centers and contact centers as the same time reduces their overall expenses.