If you are running a call center business, you will need to find new ways to increase productivity. One way to do that is utilizing predictive dialer. It is the best option available in the market today, which can optimize your overall productivity. It has several powerful features that help enhance your call center operations.

Deploying predictive dialing system is the best approach to manage your call center business. It has the capability to improve and streamline various operations as well as it can also increase the productivity of the sales reps and their managers. A predictive dialer performs variety of important call center tasks. The first, and foremost, function of predictive dialer is to organize the calls in the most effective manner. With the built-in virtual intelligence, it takes the calls and distributes them to the agents in such a way that all the agents get the same amount of calls.

Another important function that a predictive dialer performs is the filtration or screening of certain lists of telephone numbers. For example, it can screen or not dial all those numbers that fall under National Do Not Call Registry list. This can eliminate the chances of unnecessary legal actions or complaints against the call center. Furthermore, it can also filter unproductive calls, such as no answer, busy tones, fax tones, no signal, answering machine, etc. Elimination of unproductive calls can indeed reduce labor waste to a great extent.

One of the most notable features of a modern predictive dialer is that it is also available in the form of software as a service (SaaS). This type of dialer is known as web based predictive dialer, hosted predictive dialer or cloud predictive dialer. It can help eliminate various capital overheads such as costs of ISDN lines and dedicated servers, because they are maintained in remote data centers by a specialized contact center solution provider. Furthermore, it also eliminates the costs of maintenance as these hosted dialing systems are professionally managed 24/7, 365 days a year by the service provider.

A hosted predictive dialing system also has the ability to make the agents virtual, meaning they can be part of the call center despite not being physically present at the facility. This is possible because a web based predictive dialer offers remote login to their users.

All in all, a predictive dialer is an ideal solution for the call centers that will certainly reduce their overheads at the same time increase their output and productivity.