A contact center is a facility / place used by companies or businesses around the world for the purpose of facilitating their customers or consumers with various communications channels such as telephone, e-mail, online chat support, fax and even letters. Generally the contact centers have a one way flow that is inward or inbound flow. It is where customers / consumers communicate with the contact center to facilitate themselves with any queries or concerns regarding the products or services that the company has offered them.

Nowadays things have changed. Contact centers are not only limited to facilitate or help or to guide the customers or consumers, but they also started to carry out the process of marketing and sales activities. They have started to hire tele-callers, to be more specific in their terms, agents, to perform the sales and marketing activities through cold calling strategies. Cold calling is referred to the process of calling the people via some telephonic system. Usually this strategy is performed by the call centers, but since the contact centers are already in the process of facilitating their existing customers, then why not they expand their pool of customers with all the in-house resources they have? They already have computers, internet, telephones lines, email clients, fax, in fact the whole facility. The only thing that they need is an effective and automatic outbound or outward dialing system. This is where they can take advantages of a predictive dialing system.

A predictive dialer is a computer telephonic system that has the capability to dial a predefined list of telephone numbers in such a manner that it can eliminate those calls that has no answers, busy signals, disconnected, answering machines or are under the protective barrier of DND (Do not disturb) or National Do Not Call Registry. Nevertheless, a predictive dialer can be a very useful tool for the contact center if they are to engage in any marketing and sales activities. With predictive dialer, contact centers can perform various marketing and sales activities such as conduct surveys; advertise their company’s product or services to potential customers; encourage their existing customers to enhance or upgrade their services, and much more without outsourcing their outbound or sales and marketing campaign to any call centers.

Some of the benefits that a contact center can achieve from deploying a predictive dialer are as follows:

  1. A predictive dialer can manage the outward dialing process as well as inward calls management for a long long time
  2. Route inbound calls to the right person in the right department
  3. Filter outward or outbound calls for answering machines, National Do Not Call Registry, DND, busy tone, etc.
  4. Get the advantages to integrated CRM (Consumer Relationship Management) to effectively and efficiently manage the customer’s information
  5. Increase productivity and efficiency of the dialing agent or the outbound caller
  6. It can be installed and integrated into any existing contact center facility.