Call center or contact center is one of the highest growing industries these days. Ranging from customer support to technical support, selling of products and services to financial aids and much more; call center provides an array of services. In general terms a call center is a place wherein a group of people makes and takes calls to provide support and selling of an array of products and services. Generally, these calls made and received by the person (referred as agent) making and taking calls are dialed with the help of automatic dialers which are configured with the server and which is dialed with the help of internet via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services.

However these days, organizations involved in call center business are constantly searching for a perfect and effective dialing solution that allows them to increase their business potential and efficiencies at the same time which requires less overhaul. These relates to a dialing solution that increases the call flow as well as the agents calling capacity. As a matter of fact, call centers are searching for a solution which allows them to minimize the downtime and allows their agents to increase their performance.

For outbound call centers, automatic dialers have always served as a best possible solution. However, there are some limitations with such dialers. The major drawback of the automatic dialer is that it is not able to screen the call as a result the agents making calls have to face more number of busy tones, answering machines, fax tones and no answer. Additionally, these factors increase the server downtime issues and affects in various other ways. Ultimately, automatic dialers prove to be expensive for the organization and at the same time it hampers the business efficiency as well.  Overcoming all these difficulties,  hosted predictive dialer takes the dialing experience to a whole new level and proves to be a perfect solution for today’s call center industry.

A hosted predictive dialer or also known as hosted predictive dialing dials a list of telephone numbers and connects (only) the answered calls to the agent making calls. It is a computerized dialing system that works on a series of statistical algorithms to minimize the time that an agent spends waiting between the calls. In the meanwhile it also minimizes the occurrence of calls when the agents are busy taking calls and no agent is available for making calls.

An algorithmic calculation allows the hosted predictive dialers to screen and eliminate the nonproductive calls such as busy tones, answering machines, fax machines as well as the disconnected numbers. This allows the agent to interact directly with the answered calls. Some of the major advantages of hosted predictive dialers are:

  1. Screens and eliminates the nonproductive calls such as answering machines, busy tones, fax numbers, disconnected numbers etc.
  2. It predicts when the next agent will be free and dials the calls accordingly.
  3. Computerized dialing system that works on a series of statistical algorithms to minimize the time that an agent spends waiting between the calls.
  4. Increases productivity with proper and uninterrupted call flow.
  5. Increases business efficiencies.
  6. And much more…