Call center is a booming industry that has revolutionize the way we receive customer service, technical support, as well as how we buy/ upgrade products and services. It works as a great asset not only for the businesses, but for the customers as well, giving them the freedom to buy products and service; all within the comfort of their couch. All these, way before even the ecommerce came into existence.

However, for call centers it is a challenging task to select the right type of dialing infrastructure, which has less overhauls, and at the same time is able to increase their business productivity. This is the reason why most call centers around the world are now started depending upon hosted predictive dialer / hosted predictive dialing for their outbound sales process. Predictive dialer is a state-of-the-art dialer that incorporates several features. It works on a computerized statistical algorithms, which filters all the unproductive calls such as voicemails, fax tones, busy signals, etc. and connects only the live call to the agent making call. At the same time it also calculates number of logged-in agents, number of free agents, and number of agents taking calls, thereby regulating its call flow accordingly.

Overall this complete process, increases the call center’s productivity by up to 72%, resulting into more agents being on call, talking to the customers, and more productivity. There are various hosted predictive dialing service provider, redCloud – – is such one of the professional company offering quality and reliable hosted predictive dialing infrastructure to call centers around the world.

Yet, when it comes to hosted predictive dialing, there is one thing in common with almost all the service provides, the majority of hosted predictive dialing service providers will require your company to be set up with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system.


1 Install the predictive dialing software as supplied / provided by the provider. Follow all on-screen instructions. Your software should automatically detect your VoIP system. If it does not, there should be an option within the user interface to select your VoIP system.

2 Type a test number (such as your cellphone) into your contact list. This should be the only number in your predictive dialer at this time. Press “Start” or “Call” to make sure that the system is configured correctly for outgoing calls.

3 Import your call list into your predictive dialer. Most programs will allow you to upload a spreadsheet or database of phone numbers. Depending on the number of contacts you have, it may take some time for all of the numbers to be copied into your predictive dialer.