Call centers will use hosted predictive dialers to increase their productivity.

A hosted predictive dialer goes through a series of computer statistical algorithms to make calls, forecasting the opportunity of agents and called party answers. The hosted predictive dialer adjusts the calling process in accordance to the number of agents available when the calls are placed expected to answer. The predict dialer monitors and predicts the calls it placed, calculating the number of agents, number of available agents, actual time difference between each answered calls and how longer it takes to answer the call. It eliminates the calls which are not answered, busy numbers, answering machines, fax machines and disconnected numbers. In short, it only connects the answered calls to the agents making calls. This valuable process saves a huge amount of time for call centers as the agents don’t have to dial the calls manually and don’t have to wait for unanswered calls, ringing or answering machines.

The hosted predictive dialer dramatically increases the production capacity and reduces the labor waste by upto 72%.

As per the recent survey, the average talk time in an hour has increased a lot from twenty minutes to almost fifty minutes. The hosted predictive dialing solution works best for all small, medium and large scale call centers. It works flawlessly irrespective to the number of agents logged-in. However, sometimes when there is an unexpected high amount of contact ratio the system can lead to call abandonment. The advisable solution is to keep the call flow maintained leading to talk time around forty five minutes in an hour.

Most of the call centers using hosted predictive dialer services are mainly into telemarketing or sales campaign. These call centers allows their agents to have more customer contact. Besides, contact centers who are into marketing surveys and debt management services also uses predictive dialer services a lot as they need to contact and personally speak to a lot of people on telephone. Hosted predictive dialer proves to be an easy and cost effective way to automate all sort of calls which would otherwise made manually by the call centers.

Hosted predictive dialers generally rely on the fact that if a person is sit down to manually dial 1000 people, a large percentage of these calls will not lead to the contact and won’t be answered by someone on the other hand. Out of every 1000 calls made, only 30-40% calls are answered. Rest of the calls are not answered or either they turn out to be answering machine, fax machines, etc. For a call center who are involved into outbound calling process, this represents a problem. In a manual dialing call center, an agent will spent about 75-80% of time listening to the phone rings waiting for someone to pick up the phone to talk. The hosted predictive dialer will eliminate all the unproductive calls and allows the agent to directly speak with the concern person without wasting the time on listening to the telephone rings.

Overall, a hosted predictive dialer service proves to be reliable and cost effective services for every call center.