Call centers and contact center are among largest and fastest growing industries today. These are the special facilities set up by large enterprises and businesses worldwide to perform tasks such as telemarketing, technical support, and conduct surveys. These facilities largely deal with two processes – inbound and outbound. Call centers usually deal with outbound process where sales representatives contact people to sell products and services. Contact centers, on the other hand, deal with inbound process where they provide technical support to the people who contact them.

Earlier, both these centers had productivity and efficiency issues. In call centers, the sales representatives had to dial a list of telephone numbers manually for telemarketing. It was monotonous and time consuming task. Furthermore, there was always a problem of unproductive calls such as answering machines, fax tones, busy tones, and so on. For contact centers, the technical support executives were not able to handle all the queries due to large influx of calls and its improper distribution. These issues were soon triumphed with the introduction of predictive dialers and IVR solutions for call centers and contact centers respectively. A predictive dialer made the outbound calling automated and an IVR solution made the inbound call management more efficient. However, there was still one common problem with both the system, and it was the hardware (server) cost associated with them.

Implementing such system was expensive for both call center and contact center since purchasing servers and maintaining them is expensive. Nevertheless, this cost issues were also triumphed with the introduction of hosted predictive dialers and contact center solutions. Both solutions are based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model where special hosting companies provide these services over the internet. This indeed can eliminate the costs of purchasing the servers and maintaining them.

Hosted predictive dialers are similar to predictive dialers where they automate the dialing process. Additionally, such dialers can efficiently eliminate unproductive calls like answering machines, busy tones, fax tones, and so on. Contact center solutions too are similar to IVR solutions where it can make inbound calls management more efficient. Furthermore, such solutions can effectively distribute calls among the available technical support executives. Some of the benefits of both solutions are as follows:

Hosted Predictive Dialer

  1. Automates dialing process
  2. Eliminates unproductive calls
  3. Distributes calls evenly to the avail sales representatives
  4. Enable sales representatives to work from anywhere
  5. Eliminates the need to keep local dialing server
  6. Eliminates the costs associated with dialing solution since it is managed by special hosting companies

Contact Center Solution

  1. Take numerous of simultaneous calls
  2. Distributes calls effectively among technical support executives
  3. Helps improve market penetration
  4. Complies with all privacy laws
  5. Eliminates the need to keep local IVR server
  6. Eliminates the costs associated with IVR solution since it is managed by special hosting companies