Companies and businesses involved in contact center or call center business are always searching for a perfect and effective dialing solutions that allow them to increase their efficiency with minimal overhaul. In fact, they are searching for a solution that increases their call flow with minimum down time, allowing their agents to perform at their maximum potential.

Traditional automatic dialers are indeed a good solution. However, they are not effective tactics to increase the business efficiencies and they ultimately cost more money. Further, the traditional automatic dialers have a disadvantage of not being able to screen calls such as busy tones, answering machine, fax lines, etc. This disadvantage results into reduced call flow and less productivity. This eventually hampers a call center’s business efficiency. Incapacitating all these hurdles and difficulties, hosted predictive dialer certainly proves to be a perfect contact center solution in this era of call center.

As per the definition, a hosted predictive dialer (also known as hosted predictive dialing solution) is a computerized telephone dialing system that works on a series of algorithms and dials a list of telephone numbers. The answered calls are then transferred to the people making calls, known as the agents.

Due to its algorithmic calculations it screens and eliminates undesired calls such as, busy signals, answering machines, fax machines and disconnected numbers; however, the algorithm permits calls that have a human at the other end. These permitted calls are transferred to the available agents at the contact centers. In simple words, a hosted predictive dialer transfers only the calls that are answered by human to the agents.

Hosted predictive dialer works as a valuable solution for contact centers dealing in outbound or sales process. It can work for almost every kind of call center process including appointment confirmation, collection of payments, surveys, service follow-ups, sales and much more.

Further, in comparison to the traditional automatic dialers, hosted predictive dialers are advanced and enhanced solution for call centers.

Such dialers not only screen the unnecessary and non-productive calls, but they also predict about when the next caller will be available to answer the call placed. It is also programmed to predict when the next agent will be free to pick up the next call. Besides, it can make various predictions such as, the number of available agents, average call handling time of each agent, available free lines, and various other factors; based on these calculations, the predictive dialer manages the call flow automatically. This ensures that the contact centers are able to get the adequate and uninterrupted call flow. Ultimately, this allows the businesses to perform at their maximum potential and increase their efficiency.

To sum it up, incorporated with numerous features and advantages it is inevitable to say that hosted predictive dialers are the perfect contact center solution.