Today, call center and contact center is one of the largest and rapidly growing industry. They are special facilities established by various enterprises and businesses all across the world in order to offer services via telephonic medium such as product and services selling, technical support to the customers, provide guidance, instructions, information and much more. Usually these facility deals with two kind of processes, i.e. outbound process and inbound process. Call centers deals with outbound process where an agent (tele-caller) contacts with the potential customers and even sometimes with the existing customer to sell or upgrade their product or services. While contact center on the other hand deals with inbound process where company’s existing customers contacts them in order to resolve their queries through various communication channels such as telephone, online chat, e-mail, and sometimes with fax and letters.

In the past, agents of this center had to manually dial the list of customer’s telephone and cell phone numbers, which proved to be time consuming and less productive. However, due to tremendous improvement in the technologies, numerous call centers are now using predictive dialer. This predictive dialer helped them to overcome the issues of manual dialing and agents’ productive. Still, it turned out to be an expensive solution because the call centers had to invest into purchasing a dedicated predictive dialer servers. In addition, they also had to invest in purchasing the dialer software and maintaining them. After all this, the call centers were left with a question on how they can achieve maximum productive, with low expenditure overheads in less time? The solution came in a form of hosted predictive dialer system.

Hosted predictive dialer or web based predictive dialer is a SaaS (Software as a Service) model solution offered by some of the specialized hosting companies. This dialer solution is similar to predictive dialer solution, but it is offered through web internet service. Just like predictive dialer, web based predictive dialer dials a list of predefined cell phone and telephone numbers in such a systematic way that it will eliminate those calls that has busy tone, fax tone, no answer, answering machine, and even those numbers that are enlisted with National Do Not Call Registry. This hosted solution proves to be an ideal and cost effective solution for call center that can help them improve their sales and marketing activities at the same time increase their agents’ productive. Some of the benefits of employing such system are as follows:

  1. Manages both outbound process as well as inbound process effectively and efficiently.
  2. Screens all the unproductive calls.
  3. Eliminates servers, software and maintenance costs.
  4. 100% web based solution, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  5. 24×7 support from the hosted predictive dialing solution provider.