A predictive dialer can make a call center more productive by enabling the sales representatives spend more time talking to prospects or customers, rather than manually dial or deal with answering machine, busy signals, and so on. This dialing system automatically dials telephone numbers from a pre-defined list. It can adjust the call flow as per the number of sales representatives available, redial after busy signals, distinguish answering machine from humans, and overall helps a call center run smoothly.

These days, there are several types of dialers are available. Some require the purchase of a dedicated server, some require special software (predictive dialing software), and some make use of the internet (hosted predictive dialer) where sales representatives can work from anywhere, provided they have the internet connection. A call center can largely use such predictive dialing system for telemarketing, telephonic survey, or reminding customers of appointments. Below are few steps that will help you decide which type of dialer is right for your call center.

  • First, find out telemarketing laws for the areas your call center will be calling, and then make sure that the predictive dialer you are considering purchasing complies with those laws. For instance, you will need a do-not-call feature for people who are registered for National Do-Not-Call. The period of time a customer is put on hold, may also be regulated by some laws. Be sure that the dialer you are considering for your call center complies with various laws.
  • Ascertain whether you want to invest in a dedicated server, only a software, or want a hosted predictive dialing system that works over the internet. A dedicated server for predictive dialing can be very expensive, but may have more features and be able to handle large call flow. A software-based dialer can be less expensive, but may not have more advanced features. Hosted predictive dialing system has the lowest initial cost and only requires a fair internet connection, so sales representatives can work from anywhere. However, such hosted predictive dialers may have limited features.
  • Be sure that the dialer you consider is compatible with your current call center set up. The dialing system should have the ability to handle all the sales representatives you have now, with extra capability if you plan to expand.
  • Find out how easy the dialing system is to use. Is it easy for the employees to learn? If not, what is the additional training cost associated with it?

A good dialing system is necessary for today’s call center. Go through the above steps and find out which type of dialer is right for your call center.