Customer or consumer is considered as a king nowadays and in order to facilitate and support them, businesses and enterprises all across the world deploys contact center through which they can effectively communicate with them. The communication channel used by this contact center comprises telecommunication, online chat, e-mail, and sometimes fax and letters. Traditionally, the contact center dealt with one way inbound flow, where the person communicates with representative of the contact center to get their queries or concerns resolved.

However, things have changed nowadays. Not only contact centers are limited with facilitating or giving support to the prospects of the company, but they have also undertaken the activities to carry out the process of sales and marketing through the same facilitate. Apart from their regular staff of support executives, they have started to employ tele-callers, also known as agents in order to carry out sales and marketing through cold calling process. The process of cold calling refers to contacting prospective customers with the help of telecommunication links and generally this process is carried out by call centers on behalf of certain companies and businesses. However, equipped with almost all the necessary resources, contact center can also perform the same function. The only thing they are missing is a predictive dialer system, which nowadays can be easily obtained.

A predictive dialer is a hybrid computer telephonic system, which can dial a predefined list of telephone numbers in such a way that it will successfully filters those calls that has busy tone, no answer, answering machine, fax tone, and no signal calls. Besides, it has such an artificial intelligence that it can also eliminate those telephone numbers that are registered under National Do Not Call Registry. There are some specialized companies that also offers complete contact center solutions, which include predictive dialer system as well as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. In case of enterprises or businesses looking to establish a new contact center, then this contact center solution will serve all the purpose of facilitating, supporting, marketing and sales for that particular organization.

Some of the benefits of contact center solution are as follows:

  1. Can manage both inbound as well as outbound campaigns effectively for a long period of time.
  2. Screens unproductive calls such as answering machine, no answer, busy tones, fax tones, etc.
  3. Route incoming calls to the right executive in the right department.
  4. Increase productivity and efficiency of agents and executives.
  5. Integrated CRM (Consumer Relationship Management) system through which customer information can be effectively and efficiency managed.