A dedicated facility set up by companies around the world for the sole purpose of assisting their clients or customers is commonly known as contact center. The communication between clients or customers and a contact center facility could be anything ranging from telephone calls, online chats, to e-mails, and faxes. Usually, this facility deals with a one-way call flow, and that is inbound or inward call flow. In inbound call flow, clients or customers contact the contact center and get their queries or concerns resolved regarding the products or services they are using.

These days, things have changed drastically. Contact centers today are not only limited to assisting the clients or customers, but they have also started to carry out the process of sales and marketing. To make the maximum use of their existing facility and assets, they have now started hiring sales representatives who can perform the marketing and sales activities through cold calling campaigns. Cold calling refers to the marketing process of calling potential customers via telephone. Call centers largely depend on cold calling, but since the contact center has all the resources, why not they make use of such calling strategy to improve their profitability? With resources like computers, telephone lines, internet, e-mail clients, and so on, they certainly can perform cold calling. The only thing they lack is an effective outbound dialing system. This is where a predictive dialing solution could prove to be worthwhile.

A predictive dialer is a sophisticated computer-telephony system that can dial a large volume of predefined telephone numbers. It can dial the telephone numbers in such a way that all the unproductive calls like engage tone, fax tone, answering machine, and so on could be eliminated. Some modern predictive dialer can even screen calls that are registered for “Do Not Call”. This predictive dialer could make a perfect contact center solution. With it, a contact center can perform marketing and sales activities easily and effectively. Such contact center solution can be used to conduct survey, encourage existing customers to upgrade or enhance their services, advertise products and services to the potential customers, and much more. Some of the benefits a contact center can achieve deploying a predictive dialing solution are as follows:

  1. The system can manage both inbound and outbound calls.
  2. Redirects inbound calls to the right person in the right department.
  3. Eliminates all the unproductive outbound calls effectively.
  4. Provides features such as CRM to manage customers’ information effectively and efficiently.
  5. Automates the entire telephony system.
  6. It can integrate into any existing contact center facility easily.