Customer service / satisfaction, along with more number of customers and improved sales is the motto of almost every business unit. Depending upon the type of business, as well as the service offered by them, businesses choose different set of strategies which can help them to achieve this. Call centers is one such business practice, which not only provides customer support and satisfaction services, but at the same time have also helped the businesses to boost their sales, increased their brand awareness, increased their customer retention, and so on.

Yet, even call center itself is an industry, after all. As a result they are also focused to provide better customer services, which thereby in their business, leads to better call flow, decreased down-time, and increase productivity with more number of relevant calls. This is why call centers are always in search for a better dialing solution, which can help them to achieve all these aspects. The industry itself started with manual dialing, wherein the agents use normal telephone lines to make calls and thereby provide the service. However, with constant progressing technologies, these telephone calls were replaced with better dialing infrastructure known as dialers.

As of now, mostly there are four types of dialers available in the market which are Automatic Dialer or Auto Dialer, Preview Dialer, Power Dialer, and Predictive Dialer.

  • Auto Dialer Auto dialer dials a series of telephone number automatically. The numbers are uploaded in the dialer’s database in the form of predefined excel sheet or in .csv format sheet. The dialer than automatically dials the list of telephone number on an automatic basis. Generally, it is a VOIP based dialing, wherein the agent is hooked-up with a computer, wherein once the call is dialed, the agent is able to view the customer details on the screen.
  • Preview Dialer The preview dialer works similarly to that of auto dialer; however, prior dialing the call it allows the agents to get the preview of the customers’ details, along with the past call history (if any), which allows them to be prepared for the call.
  • Power Dialer Power dialer or also known as progressive dialer, dials a call only when the agent is available to handle the calls. As per the wiki definition in regards with power dialer, “Automated dialers consider the priority and the skills of the agent to automatically place a call to the agent. In power dialing, an agent is always available to talk to the customer.”
  • Predictive Dialer – Predictive dialer or hosted predictive dialer or predictive dialing works on a computerized algorithm. This further allows it to perform flawlessly without any interruptions, what it means that it dials the call only when the agent is available for the call, and at the same time it also filters and screen’s out all the unproductive calls such as voice mails, no answers, fax tones, busy signals, etc., allowing the agents to talk directly with the live person. Furthermore, it also calculates the number of logged-in agents on the system, the number of free agents, and the number of agents taking calls, based on which it regulates the call flow accordingly. All this compel, increases the productivity of the business, as the agents won’t be busy disposing the unproductive calls, and will be able to perform efficiently by speaking a live person every time.