Contact center or a call center is in the market since over a decade. In fact, call center industry is one of the fastest growing industries these days. Starting from customer support to customer care services, technical support services to buying and selling of products and services, as well as to financial aids, and much more; call center has provided the solutions for all.

So what is a Call Center?

Call Center is a place where a group of people takes and / or makes calls in order to provide support to the customers, as well as to sell products and services. The people who make and take the calls are referred as agents. The calls are dialed and routed with the help of automatic dialers which are configured with the server(s) and the computer system(s). Furthermore, these automatic dialers make and route the calls with the integration of internet via VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

Inevitable to say that just like other businesses, call centers are also on a constant look out for a solution which allows them to increase their business efficiencies with fewer overhauls. They are indeed in a search of an effective dialing solution, which can bring value to their business. And dialer is the first place to start for them. A professional call center is always in search of a dialer –

  • That allows them to increase the call flow, along with the agent calling capacity.
  • That allows them to increase the agent’s performance by reducing the downtime.

Automatic dialers have always served as one of the best alternatives for the call center business. But with automatic dialers’ agents face concerns regarding the busy tones, increased number of answering machines, fax tones as well as the no answer signals. These concerns are the serious factors affecting the business, especially for the outbound call centers. This is because of the server downtime issues and less productivity, which ultimately hampers the business.

What is Hosted Predictive Dialing?

Swamping all these difficulties, hosted predictive dialing takes the potentialities of dialer to a whole new level and have proven to be the most effective solution for call centers around the world.

Hosted predictive dialing or much commonly known as hosted predictive dialer, automatically dials a list of telephone numbers; however, unlike the normal automatic dialer it connects only the answered calls to the agents. It works on a computerized dialing system that uses statistical algorithms to make the calls and reduce the time that the agent spends waiting between the calls. At the same time, it also reduces the call flow when the agents are busy talking with the customers on phone and when no agents are available to make or take calls.

Due to these algorithmic calculations, the hosted predictive dialing is able to screen and eliminate the non-productive calls, which include answering machines, fax machines, busy signals, no answer and the disconnected numbers. This allows the agent to directly interact with the customer without worrying about the unproductive calls. Ultimately, this saves a huge amount of time by eliminating the unnecessary calls, allowing the agents to perform at their full potential.

Major advantages of hosted predictive dialing

  • Screens and eradicates the unproductive calls.
  • Works on a series of statistical algorithms that makes the calls and reduces the time that the agent spends waiting between the calls.
  • Increases the call center productivity with uninterrupted call flow.
  • Allows the agents to perform at their full potential.
  • And much more…

Overall, hosted predictive dialing serves to be an effective solution for every call center.