Automated IVR Transcriptions

Voice-to-Text System Slashes Transcription Costs while Increasing Accuracy

Once your interactive voice response system captures a caller’s information, then what? With most on-prem or cloud IVR systems, getting that voice data into a usable form is a very labor-intensive process. Transcriptionists must be hired to listen to each recording and manually transcribe each word.

In contrast, an important part of redCloud’s hosted IVR system is our automated IVR transcription service. Take advantage of:

  • Highest quality voice-to-text engine – With advanced speech recognition that greatly increases accuracy.
  • Automatic address verification – Every address is compared to both postal service records and Google maps. Inaccurate addresses are either automatically corrected or flagged for review.
  • Full customization capabilities – Our experienced IVR developers are available to meet your needs and requirements.
  • Daily updates – Your IVR recordings are automatically transcribed into an Excel spreadsheet and emailed to you each day and includes the original recording links in the spreadsheet to play back and verify content.
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All the Benefits of redCloud’s Hosted IVR System

Automated IVR transcriptions are just one of the many benefits of our cloud-based IVR system. You also get:

  • Low entry costs – No equipment or software to purchase or maintain, low setup fees, and all design and integration work done by our expert IVR developers.
  • Complete reliability – 100% power uptime, a high level of security, and a disaster recovery system that includes automatic failover between fully redundant databases at two different data centers, each of which has their own power supply.
  • State-of-the-art technology – That is continuously kept up to date.

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