Technology has made an immense amount of progress. Most business is now conducted over the internet; ranging from buying and selling of goods to inquiring about new services, as well as to register a complaint or to ask a query about a new product or services. However, in the midst of all these technological advancement, one thing remain as it is, call centers. No matter how much you popularized your online business, it is essential for you to maintain a call center, wherein your agents are able to address your customer’s queries in person. Besides, it is not just limited to handling in-coming calls, it is also about making calls to your customer, which could either related to customer verification / sales verification or to sell your products or services, and so on…

Hence, with the increase in the technology, there has also been a significant amount of technological advancement in the call centers dialing infrastructure. Call centers make and receive calls in large volumes, and when it comes to outbound dialing, the most vital part for any call center is to ensure about quick, smooth and uninterrupted dialing. There are various types of dialers available in the market that offers quick dialing; however, hosted predictive dialer is the most prominent one. In simple words, hosted predictive dialer is a call center dialer, which automatically dials a list of telephone numbers and screens out the unproductive calls such as answering machines, fax tones, busy tones, no answers, etc., and connects the call center agents only to the live contact on the other end. Besides, it also takes various other calculations into account such as number of logged-in agents, number of available agents, average call handling time, etc. Overall, it increases the call centers dialing productivity by upto 72%.

Additionally, the dialer comes along with the incorporated features such as IVR, scripts, as well as the capacity to manage time zones and call blending. It is also equipped with features like handling ‘do not call lists’. The main goal of the hosted predictive dialer is to connect the agent with the call as soon as the call is answered without wasting any time.

On the other hand, predictive dialers also features a range of tools for the automatic fax, SMS, e-mails and recycling of the call list. With real time supervision and other functionalities for ultimate efficiency, it is considered as the highly valued asset for any call center. Most importantly, as it is a “hosted” predictive dialer the overall system doesn’t need any major hardware infrastructure, only a simple broadband internet connection and a computer is required.

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