About RedCloud, INC.

RedCloud is a full-service, state-of-the art communications provider for call centers and other large-volume communications businesses.

Our equipment is located in a world renowned data center with 99.999 uptime guarantee, which is ideal for cloud-based technology.

But the biggest aspect that sets used apart is we are a Communications Specialist. We completely understand “dialing for dollars”, and we’ve built our technology to not only handle the 0’s and 1’s you expect it to handle, but to also be fully customizable in a marketing sense.

In short, you get a predictive dialer that works exactly like you want it to work. We can build you an interface that works with an existing CRM to manage leads, choose calls and do any number of tasks that will make your life easier, your efficiency far greater, and, inevitably, your profits higher.

What We Do

Decrease Labor Waste 72%
Increase In Sales* 50%
Increase In Profits* 100%