A predictive dialer or a hosted predictive dialing system is a computerized dialing system that is used in the call center industry. It works on particular statistical and computerized algorithms that dials a list of telephone and connects only the answered calls to the agents or the people making the calls. A predictive dialer automatically calculates and predicts when the next agent or the executive will be available for free to make call and transfers the answered calls to him / her. It automatically regulates the call flow on the basis of number of agents logged-in and the number of agents that are available to make calls.

The hosted predictive dialing system serves best for the outbound call centers who are generally dealing with sales, insurance or other relevant campaigns. For outbound call centers the proper, streamlined and uninterrupted call flow is one of the most important aspects. The solutions via predictive dialer helps to minimize the time the agents spends between the conversations, while increasing and reducing the call flow accordingly based on the available agents and per agent average call handling time. Overall, it allows the call centers to manage their clients in better way by offering increased sales and production ratio, along with better business efficiencies.

Additionally, as discussed earlier that it is also known as hosted predictive dialing system or a call processing system. Apart from offering a high level of lead utilization and cost efficiencies, it also eliminates all the unnecessary calls such as answering machines, voicemails, fax tones, busy signals, etc. and transfers only the answered calls to the agents.

Predictive Dialer – Operations

In contact centers or call centers the information related to telephone numbers and other details pertaining to calls are stored on the network server. The hosted predictive dialing system is deployed over there wherein the network is linked with the dialer. Additionally, all the agents making the calls are linked with both the dialer and the network server. Finally, with the help of VoIP services the dialer dials the calls. The calls are automatically managed by the predictive dialer and it screens out the answering machine, fax tones, busy tones and all the other unproductive or unanswered calls. Only the live or the answered calls are transferred to the agents.

Furthermore, the call processing system also displays all the relevant information related to the dialed number on the agents’ screen as and when the agents starts making the calls. This way the agent can be prepared for the call in advance and can start the conversation accordingly.

Finally to conclude the predictive dialer continuously and automatically keeps on adjusting the dialing pattern based on the average number of agents dialing the calls, time consumed before answering the call by the customer, percentage of dialed phones which are answered, average talk time and more.